Friday, December 5, 2008

The mystical dissappearance of a paper folding maniac.

For 3 years now - at least I think it is 3 years - I have more than often casually eyeballed one of my favorite "Can it be done?" or "Who's he kidding?" projects. The fella who runs the awe-inspiring site that is MENGERMANIA has long inspired me to keep at it in my never ending scheme of nothingness, by attempting to create one big mama of a fractal origami cube. In laments terms he is trying to make a really huge paper thingy that takes really long to make because of folding and putting things together and stuff.

Completed Level 3 Menger Sponge on a piece of folded tarp.

Having completed the first three levels of these menger sponges - the higher levels increasing in difficulty and folded paper bits, he daringly set forth to create Level 4 which would consist of 1,296,384 units of paper. 1,296,384 units. Folded. By hand. That's a lot of units.

Slowly but surely I saw it grow from 0,11% to 0,12%, quite enjoying the fact that this person was doing something way more tedious than I - that he would ultimately get little to no credit for. Alas, there is no Nobel prizes for origami enthusiasts.

I recently checked in to see how he was doing and I noticed to my angstful surprise that he has come to a screeching halt at 2,60%. His last update dated April 10 2008.

Has this connoisseur of papyrus given up on his quest? The worst case scenarios lined up in my head and the theories were plentiful. I list, I list in order of probability!

1. He's committed suicide.
% Who wouldn't. I mean, one man can fold only so much paper.

2. He got a girlfriend.
% With a page like his I bet the cyberbabes are all over him, hence opening his eyes to other things. Like folding and inserting fleshy stuff perhaps.

3. He got his first paper cut and realized the danger of his project.
% Just needed more than 2 theories on this list.

Anyway, here is the Level 4 Menger Sponge in all it's unfinished glory. I wish Mengerman all the best in his future endeavors and give him full credit for the 33,684 units of paper he actually folded.

Come back Paper Folding Man, I miss you. If you happen to see lifesigns please do not hesitate to notify me! OR if you feel your just crazy enough to pick up the torch - here's how!


Ben Esch said...

Awesome post! I bet that dude would make a wicked origami swan.


A.K.M. Musa AUNTOR said...

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